Afternoon Update – August 30 at 4:45pm

As of this post, the supplemental pumps are confirmed en route to Riverstone. They are expected to arrive in a few hours, and we have crews on site ready to receive them and work around the clock to get them operational to assist with floodwaters at the Steep Bank Creek outfall.

We are also aware of your concerns regarding security of your unoccupied homes and property. We have reached out to law enforcement agencies to inquire about supplemental patrol services during the evacuation. Unfortunately, at this time, all law enforcement agencies are still under emergency operating conditions (prioritizing life safety) and are unable to provide supplemental services. However, we have been advised that once law enforcement agencies resume normal operations, we will have 24-hour coverage within Riverstone by two Precinct 4 Constable deputies (through the supplemental patrol services provided by the Riverstone MUDs).

Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of heeding the County’s evacuation order, which is still in place. There are still roads within both LIDs that are impassable, and the Brazos River has not yet crested. Traffic on passable roads may also impede public safety and rescue operations, as well our own operations to get the internal stormwater pumped out.

We are trying to keep this website updated as frequently as possible. As information comes in, will do our best to get it posted here quickly. We will also do our best to continue to provide any updates regarding possible timelines to return to your homes. In the meantime, stay safe.