Levee Storm Status Update

With a storm in the Gulf, we want to let you know of the stormwater activities that have been going on in preparation and the current status of the district.

Based on the current forecasts and modeling, we anticipate that the current district water retention and gravity flow will be sufficient to handle the upcoming storm. We do not anticipate a need to pump water out of the district.

Last week and throughout the weekend, the district levee operator, Levee Management Services (LMS), has been going through a series of checks that include inspections and supply inventories at each facility.  As the path of the storm finalizes, they will be reaching out to other district contractors to be on standby in case the storm path changes dramatically. They are in contact with the county Drainage District and the district engineer to share weather updates as the storm develops.

What to Look for

Current forecasting and modeling has the storm hitting the Louisiana coast late tonight (Tuesday, 9/4). As such, we anticipate this to be a rain event. Periodically over the next 48 hours, especially in times of heavy rainfall, you may see street ponding throughout the district. This is not a backup of water; instead it is water moving its way to the storm drains.

You may also see increased water levels in the major creeks and retention ponds. Like the water in the storm drains, excess water will flow out of the district via gravity flow.

What is gravity flow?

There are two ways to move water out of the district: gravity flow and pumping.

If the levee gates are open, then we are using gravity flow to move the water across our area. Essentially, the storm drains move water to the river, using earth’s gravity to transport water to a lower point.

When the levee gates are closed, it means that the water in the river is too high for the water to flow freely into it. We then use district pumps to force the water to the river and out of our district.


The district operator, engineer, and board of directors are in contact as river projections begin to come in and rainfall expectations become finalized.  At this point, we do not anticipate needing to pump any water out of the district. The gates will remain open, and gravity flow will move the water to the river. If that changes, we will post updates here.