District Update – September 1st at 4:45pm

Steep Bank Creek – Supplemental Pumps

We have 8 supplemental pumps online and operational (in addition to all permanent pumps at the pump station)! We continue to see increased pumping efficiency along Steep Bank Creek!

Riverstone CAREs

We are almost ready to receive volunteers – a sign-up link will be forthcoming. Also, the Rec Center is open 9am to 5pm (even through the weekend) for your drop-off donations!

Additional Resources for Flood Victims

Fort Bend Recovers – (281) 207-2555 (fortbendrecovers.org)
FEMA Assistance Registration – (disasterassistance.gov)

Riverstone Community Assistance & Recovery Efforts (Riverstone CAREs) – September 1st at 1:00pm

Although it may be several more days before homes are fully drained, the LIDs and the HOA are working together to coordinate a recovery task force to assist our residents in need.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Setting up recovery supply collection and drop-off.
    • Where:  Riverstone Rec Center (18353 University Blvd., Sugar Land, Texas)
    • When:  now thru 5pm, and continuing daily 9am through 5pm
    • What we need:
      • Masks
      • Work and latex gloves
      • Heavy trash bags (contract bags)
      • Wheelbarrows
      • Fans
      • Plastic bins, cardboard moving boxes for people to pack up & move
      • Hammers
      • Wet vacs
      • Bleach
      • Heavy paper towels/shop rags/large sponges
      • Powerwashing equipment
      • Utility knives/drywall cutters
      • Squeegees
      • Circular saws
      • Spray bottles & buckets
      • Water
      • Cooler
    • What we DON’T need (at this time):
      • Food
      • Clothing
      • Toiletries & personal hygiene items
    • If you donate supplies, please donate them with the understanding they will not be returned.  If you have large equipment (shop vac, power-washer), please tag it clearly and permanently with your name and phone #, and we will do our best to return it to you.
    • Supply Coordinator:  Julie Kveton of Riverstone HOA — 281-778-2222 or juliek@rshoa.org
  • Coordinating community volunteers.
    • The HOA will send an email requesting community volunteers.  There will be an online sign-up sheet that will be available later today.
    • Volunteer Coordinator:  Nick Deacon of Riverstone HOA – 281-738-2222 or ndeacon@riverstone.com
  • Distributing recovery information and supplies.
    • Rec Center will serve as the central coordination center, and we will try to set up information and supply kiosks in areas south of Hagerson Rd. and at the Rec Center
    • Exact hours and locations of satellite kiosks still TBD as water recedes, but we hope to have initial operations underway tomorrow morning.  We may not have all the supplies we need, but we can at least try to provide some preliminary recovery information.
  • Working with Riverstone’s home builders and contractors to provide assistance for our residents.
  • Setting up a community informational meeting.
    • We are still working to finalize date, location, and time. 
  • Sharing informational resources regarding recovery steps for flooded homes.

We will keep you posted as we obtain additional information and resources for recovery.