Status Report on Post-Harvey Action

  • Capital Projects:
    • Temporary supplemental pumps (purchased together with LID 19 to provide a total of 80,000 additional gpm) – ordered, June 2018 anticipated delivery.
    • Drainage improvements between Prestwick and Providence – pipeline relocation agreement approved, work anticipated to begin in May 2018.
    • Pump Station at Snake Slough – currently under design.
    • Interconnect for Snake Slough/Steep Bank Creek – currently under design.
    • Interconnect for Alcorn Bayou/Steep Bank Creek – currently under design.
    • Road access improvements at Alcorn Bayou pump station – in progress
    • Pump Station at Lost Creek – in discussion with other districts within Steep Bank Creek watershed for regional participation.
  • Operations
    • Staff gauges at Steep Bank Creek pump station, Alcorn Bayou pump station, Snake Slough, Pecan Manor outfall, and AS 12 detention pond – ordered
    • Digital emergency bulletin boards – in review
    • Expansion of emergency alert system (text messages and emails) – underway
    • Development of improved communications protocol and website modifications – underway

Additional projects are being considered by the District.  A comprehensive update will be posted here in June 2018.  The LID Board is also working to schedule a community meeting in May 2018.

If you have not already done so, please sign up to receive emergency alerts (link in upper right corner of this site).

Debris Pickup

After the first pass of debris pickup, the County has asked residents to quickly move any remaining debris (i.e. anything in driveways, front lawns) towards the curb (between the curb and the sidewalk). Any debris left on private property (past the sidewalk) will not be picked up. The debris trucks will make multiple passes to pick up debris located between the curb and the sidewalk, but once trucks have completed pickup of debris in the neighborhood, they may not be able to return for several weeks. If you return home and debris trucks have made an initial pass of your property, please attempt to move any remaining debris toward the curb that same day or night.

Bagged Debris is Allowed in Fort Bend County

Fort Bend County has just announced the bagged debris has now been APPROVED for pickup.  Please note, the County will not be allowed to pick up household garbage – so please attempt to keep bagged debris separate from your regular household garbage, which should be set out in containers or separate bags for regular Tuesday/Friday pickup.