Spring Newsletter

Adding to our communication efforts for residents, we are producing a quarterly online newsletter. Each issue will contain district updates, conservation tips and educational pieces about the LID and our responsibilities. Below is our Spring newsletter.

Spring Newsletter (PDF)

Meet Your Board of Directors – Mr. Premal Shah

One of the newest board members of the Levee Improvement District is Mr. Premal Shah, who will be serving as the assistant vice president. His term runs through May 2022. He is eager to get started on his work with the board and will be helping the community by reducing the risk of flooding.

Mr. Shah has a long history of working in complex finance positions throughout his career. His notable roles include CFO for Fortune Oil Plc, structured finance and credit roles for Hong Kong & Singapore-based financial institutions, and he is now the Chief Investment Officer for Sprint Waste Services LP. His responsibilities at Sprint Waste involve three parts: (1) company acquisitions; (2) advise on operational and financial restructuring of those companies; (3) sell them at an appropriate time.

Former Commissioner James Patterson and former County Judge Bob Hebert are community figures that played a part in inspiring Mr. Shah’s own desire to commit to public service and he is looking forward to working with the new commissioner as well as the new county judge. He also appreciated being part of a community that supported each other during the infamous Hurricane Harvey.

On a bicycle or at the golf course is where you will catch Mr. Shah in his free time. He also has a wife of 22 years, and two teenage sons that he enjoys snowboarding trips during the winter.

Please welcome Mr. Premal Shah to the board of directors for your Levee Improvement District 15.

Brazos River Status – January 10th

Recently you may have noticed that the river levels are higher than usual. Based on the current river forecast we anticipate a crest at 46.4 feet. Anything over 45 is considered a flood stage. However, the upstream river gauges (Hempstead and San Felipe) have already crested and are on their way down. The river gauges closest to LID 15 (Richmond) will emulate the ones upstream.

We do have some additional rain in the forecast locally, but there is no indication of an issue. There is minimal pumping needed right now, just enough to keep internal water levels as low as possible for the traditional everyday drainage in the district.

We will notify residents if anything changes this weekend, but at this point, we do not anticipate any issues from the water coming downstream or the rain in the forecast.