LID 15 Levee Maintenance

The care and maintenance of the entire levee system is an ongoing process and the priority for your LID 15 board of directors. The directors oversee the management of many areas of maintenance through the work of consultants hired to keep the LID in top operational condition.

Maintenance of the levee is handled daily and includes debris removal from the detention areas, waterways, and along the levee. The upkeep of our wetland areas is dictated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer guidelines and permit regulations. These guidelines include reducing the number of infectious weeds and rodents and is another example of continued maintenance. Plantings to maintain the required natural vegetation, routine mowing, fertilization for healthy vegetation, pruning, and removal of tree limbs or fallen trees are all essential responsibilities. These efforts keep the soil healthy and assist adequate absorption and flow of water in the drainage system.

The structure of the levee is also regularly inspected along with drainage and detention functions. Upkeep of equipment, such as pumps, generators, and levee infrastructure, is also critical. Pests such as feral hogs cause destruction in the district, and regular inspections and repair of fencing along the district are necessary.

Beyond the maintenance and care for land and facilities, the district directors and engineers participate in continuous planning efforts to evaluate the need for more equipment and design, such as the current planning of the expansion of Steep bank Creek pump systems, a joint effort with LID 19.

While most of the needs for the levee systems are managed on a routine level, additional events and issues are addressed as they occur. As seen in previous posts, care for the levees and any risk to the performance of the systems is an ongoing effort that requires constant vigilance for the levees to perform as intended when the need arises. For more information about LID 15 residents are encouraged to visit