Down Trees

Residents of Levee Improvement District 15 (LID 15) may have noticed downed trees and limbs in the Riverstone area following the storms of April and May. The Directors of LID 15 have been working with Yellowstone Landscape to have these removed. Much of the debris has been cleared, but many more have fallen due to heavy rainfall and frequent thunderstorms.

Some locations require careful maneuvering of heavy machinery near homes, and residents are asked to stay clear of crews as they work to remove down trees in these ‘hard to reach places.’

There have also been delays in clean up near the Alcorn Bayou and Steep Bank Creek areas due to permitting issues in protected wetland areas that are governed by US Army Corps of Engineers regulations. Fort Bend LID 15 board of directors appreciates your patience.

If you have an area of concern, please send a note to the LID 15 website. Please make sure you include the closest street address to the problem so we can compare the location to the list Yellowstone is working down.