LID 15 Board Additions

The Levee Improvement Board of Directors is pleased to announce two new additions to the board; Mr. Premal Shah and Mr. Jeffrey Anderson. During the most recent LID 15 monthly meeting, both were selected by the committee for inclusion. Each will serve an initial term through May of 2022.

The move to a five-person board was voted on by residents of LID 15 in November and will allow every section of Riverstone, that is included in the boundaries of the district, to be directly represented.

With the new additions, the board voted on new board titles. These are listed below. We will feature stories on each new board member over the weeks to come.

President – Darrell Groves
Vice-President – Girish Misra
Secretary – Rohit Sankholkar
Assistant Vice-President – Premal Shah
Assistant Secretary – Jeffrey Anderson