LID 15 Continues to Lowers Taxes

On September 18, the LID 15 Board of Directors lowered the District’s 2023 tax rate to $0.30 (per $100 of assessed value). This is a $0.04, or 12%, reduction compared to the 2022 tax rate, and it will lower the average homeowner’s tax bill by $41. Over the past nine years, LID 15 has reduced the total tax rate by more than 60%. During the same period of time, the District has continued to improve flood control infrastructure throughout the community, including a partnership with LID 19 to expand the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station. LID 15 also maintains a fully funded replacement reserve for major assets and a healthy 1-year operating reserve. These decisions by the LID 15 Board of Directors continue to reflect their commitment to the District’s Mission Statement:

“Our Mission, is a COMMITMENT to provide the HIGHEST quality flood plain reclamation, flood protection, detention and outfall drainage for the community in the most cost-effective manner.”