LID 15 Lowers Taxes

On September 20 the LID 15 Board of Directors lowered the District’s 2021 tax rate to $0.405 (per $100 of assessed value).  This is a $0.035, or 8%, reduction when compared to the 2020 tax rate, and it will lower the average homeowner’s tax bill by $197.  Over the past seven years LID 15 has reduced the total tax rate by almost 50%.  During the same period of time the District has continued to improve flood control infrastructure throughout the community.  As recently as this year LID 15 completed construction of the Hagerson Road Pump Station and partnered with LID 19 to expand the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station.  These actions by the LID 15 Board of Directors reflect their commitment to the District’s Mission Statement:

Our Mission, is a COMMITMENT to provide the HIGHEST quality flood plain reclamation, flood protection, detention and outfall drainage for the community in the most cost-effective manner.