Yard Drainage and Encroachments

Planning to improve your yard?

Are you planning any outdoor improvements around your home? LID 15 reminds all residents to think about drainage when considering modifications to your yard. The lots in LID 15 are designed to carry water from the backyard and out to the street, as shown in graphic below. A brief video also highlights the importance of this lot design and not restricting drainage with fill material or paving.

Is your home adjacent to any of the lakes in Riverstone? If yes, then you likely have a LID 15 Drainage Easement in your backyard. Please refer to the District’s Policy that outlines what can and cannot be constructed in the LID 15 Drainage Easement.

For all outdoor modifications, LID 15 residents should also contact Riverstone Homeowners Association: https://www.riverstone.com/residents-compliance