New Board Member Needed

In 2018, the residents of LID 15 voted to expand the Board of Directors from a three-person board to a five-person board.  One position on the five-member board was recently vacated.  The District is represented evenly, so we are looking for someone that lives in Precinct 1 to serve out a four-year term ending in May 2022.

Interested applicants must own property and be registered to vote in LID 15 – Precinct 1.  Precinct 1 is shown on the map below and includes: Riverstone North (Section 1 and 6), Ivory Ridge, and Avalon (Sections 1 – 5).  To apply, provide a full name with address, and a declaration of interest on why you wish to be considered for a board position.  In place of, or in addition to, the statement, you can also provide a resume.  Applications will be due on Monday, March 8 and can be delivered in-person or electronically to the LID 15 General Manager:

Attn: Phil Martin
Mike Stone Associates
1950 Lockwood Bypass
Richmond, TX 77469

We are asking our community to share this message and assist our efforts in finding qualified candidates that are willing to serve their community as board members.

2020 Tax Statement

Earlier this year the LID 15 Board of Directors approved a change to the District’s tax collection efforts.  The District has partnered with Fort Bend County to provide tax collection services.  LID 15 taxpayers will receive a consolidated tax statement from Fort Bend County, and a sample is included below.  Residents should not expect a separate LID 15 tax statement.  The change to Fort Bend County tax collection is not only more convenient for residents, but it also reduces the District’s costs and saves your tax dollars.

Tax Rate Decline

At the most recent board meeting, LID 15 Directors voted to reduce the District’s 2019 tax rate to 44 cents per $100 of assessed value for the 2020 tax year. This 13% reduction continues the board’s desire to protect the District but does so fiscally responsibly.

“Since 2014, we have reduced the tax burden on residents while at the same time adding new infrastructure needs for our community. We are proud that we have been able to reduce the tax burden six of the past six years,” Rohit Sankholkar – Board President.

The District is primarily responsible for overseeing storm drainage and maintaining the levee system that protects homes from rising water from the Brazos River. The District also continues to implement projects that increase resilience against flooding. The new tax rate will allow the District to continue to provide these services while also paying down the District’s debt.

District residents are encouraged to review for news in the District and follow the District Facebook page for updates.