Alligators in LID 15

An alligator was spotted recently in Lake Riverstone, but at this time it has not exhibited behavior that would be defined as “nuisance” by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD).  Alligators are native to LID 15 and can be found in the lakes and bayous around Riverstone.  LID 15 follows the guidance and regulations set by TPWD for trapping and relocating alligators.

If You See an Alligator

Many Texans will live in close proximity to these native reptiles with no confrontations, however, there are occasions when certain alligators become a “nuisance” and must be handled by the proper authorities. The current legal definition of a nuisance alligator is “an alligator that is depredating (killing livestock or pets) or a threat to human health and safety.”   TPWD is the only authority that can deem an alligator a nuisance because of their protected status.

Alligators have a natural fear of humans and usually retreat away when approached by people, however, the following are instances in which local authorities should be notified:

  • If you see an alligator in the roadway;
  • If an alligator is repeatedly following boats, canoes or other watercrafts, and/or maintains a close distance without submersing; or
  • If you walk near the water and an alligator comes straight toward you, especially if it comes out of the water.

If you notice any of these “nuisance” behaviors, contact LID 15 using the following link and the incident will be reported to TWPD:

Reminder of Drainage Easement and Backyard Improvements in LID 15

Homeowners throughout Riverstone continue to improve their property by constructing pools, decks, gazebos, fire pits and even boat docks.  LID 15 supports resident’s efforts the improve their homes and enhance the appearance and enjoyment of our neighborhoods.  These individual investments help Riverstone remain a premier community to call home.

The Board of Directors of LID 15 would like to remind residents about some special requirements to consider before planning for backyard improvements.  All homes in the District that are next to a lake include a LID 15 Drainage Easement.  The Drainage Easement includes all property within 30 feet of the concrete lake edge.  Any improvements constructed within the 30-foot Drainage Easement must be pre-approved by LID 15.  There are several reasons why the District must maintain this easement, including that, during heavy rains, the drainage system is designed fill in these lower backyard areas that are close to the lake.  Any backyard improvements need to preserve this critical flood storage.  Another purpose of the Drainage Easement is future access to repair and/or maintain LID 15’s detention and drainage facilities.  At some point, the concrete edges around the lakes will need repair or replacement, and the community will need unobstructed access around the lake.

Typical improvements that are permitted within the LID 15 Drainage Easement include sidewalks, stairs, and flat work like patios and decks.  Improvements that are not permitted within the easement include swimming pools, vertical structures like gazebos, and most elevated surfaces that require a retaining wall and do not “step down” with the slope of the property.  The concrete edge around the lake also includes a paved shelf below the waterline.  LID 15 created a dock design standard that will allow residents to construct boat docks without damaging the bottom of the lake.  Residents can submit plans for backyard improvements electronically to, and the designs are reviewed monthly by the Board of Directors.  Please consult your property survey (which should have been provided during closing) early in the process to avoid complications in the future.  If your property includes the Drainage Easement, the survey should reflect that.

As a reminder, all LID 15 residents should continue to contact the Riverstone Homeowners Association before making any exterior improvements.  For the latest HOA information please refer to:

Example of LID 15 Drainage Easement

Example of LID 15 Drainage Easement

Levee Raising Construction – First Colony LID

Adjacent to LID 15 is a neighboring Levee District known as First Colony LID. Like many LIDs around Fort Bend County, First Colony LID is working on levee and drainage improvements within their District.

First Colony LID is currently excavating existing ponds to create additional detention inside the levee, and the excavated material is being used to raise their levee approximately 2 feet. This construction project and levee raising will occur behind some homes that are inside LID 15, generally on Riverstone Crossing Drive, Gable Wing Lane and Mistyleaf Lane.

The First Colony LID construction project will not increase the risk of flood control or drainage issues inside LID 15. Additional information including a project map and contact information can be found on the First Colony LID website: