Nutria Trapping

Over the past several months, LID 15’s board has been working to address the invasive nutria issue. Generally, there are two effective options – trapping and poison. The board chose to trap.

The traps being used are not designed to kill the animals. The company trapping the animals check the cages weekly and release the nutria into areas where they can not damage ours, or other, levees or preserved wetlands areas.

Nutria is more than a nuisance animal, as their burrows can cause stability issues with the levee. They also eviscerate valuable wetlands vegetation that LID 15 is legally required to maintain under federal law. The board chose to treat the animals humanely, but due to potential risks to the levee, wetlands, and your public health and safety, they must be removed from the area.

Over the past month, numerous traps have been tampered with, stolen, and broken. The cost to replace the traps, as well as the additional labor involved with the extended trapping, results in additional costs to taxpayers. We ask for your help in leaving the traps in place to ensure the integrity of the LID facilities and to minimize the cost to taxpayers. If you see anyone interfering with traps, please feel free to report it on the LID 15 website or to the HOA. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Current Storm Projections

As you are probably aware, the LID 15 area is experiencing heavy rain volume today and through the weekend. The district management service, LMS, provided an update on the preparedness of the district.

Projections call for 4-7 inches of rain with possible downpours dropping 1-3 inches per hour into the district over the weekend. The river is below any action stage, and the district systems are all fully operational. Based on the current rain projections, LMS does not anticipate needing to utilize any of the pump stations during this storm.

As a reminder, in times of heavy rainfall, the sewer drains can back up, causing temporary street ponding. Also, higher than average detention pond and channel levels will be visible as the water makes its way out of the district.

If conditions change, we will provide updates on the district website, Facebook page, and, if needed, through emergency texts and emails.

The current water gauge on the Brazos River at Richmond shows the current water levels and their predictions on the water rise for the next five days.

In summary, at current projections, we do not anticipate any high water-related issues except for storm drain backup at times of torrential downpours.

Grass Fire Near Steep Bank Creek Pump Station

Good evening. Earlier this afternoon a minor grass fire took place near the Steep Bank Creek pump station. The fire has been extinguished, and there was no damage to any LID facilities, including pump station equipment. However, smoke may remain visible throughout the evening. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the appropriate law enforcement officials.

Again, we remind all residents that access to the levee and LID facilities is strictly prohibited. If you notice any unauthorized access of the levee facilities, please notify law enforcement.