5/10 Morning Update

While it was a a stormy night the rain totals varied widely across the district. A Space City Weather rain total (below) shows the reported variations. The lower than expected rainfall for our area and the greatly expanded pumping power at the Steep Bank Creek pump station has resulted in increased detainment for the upcoming storms. The forecast is for isolated and scattered thunderstorms today and throughout the evening. The current break from storms looks to arrive Saturday afternoon; however, we all know our regional weather can change rapidly.

Alcorn Pump Station – At the last LID 15 meeting the board of directors approved the purchase of five (5) temporary gator pumps for the Alcorn pump station. They were scheduled to arrive today. The weather up north has delayed three of the pumps but two are in route to the station this morning and will be operational for the next round of storms. While the district is pumped down and has almost full detainment these pumps will provide additional pumping power this weekend.

Steep Bank Creek Pump Station – All 12 trailer mounted pumps were deployed for usage last night. Currently, eleven can be utilized (if needed) with one being repaired currently. These will not be pumping all the time, only when/if water levels reach certain heights. This pumping capacity is in addition to the four existing large pumps in the pump station.

Based on the rain expectations and the pumping power in the district we do not anticipate any issues. We will update everyone if any of the variables change. As a constant reminder, in times of heavy rains street ponding is possible. Please be careful, especially at night, driving during these times. Most importantly, never drive into high standing water.

Evening Update on Steep Bank Creek

As we have noted, the district has been utilizing trailer mounted pumps to add pumping resources to the pump station. The combination of the existing pump station (working at full power) and these additional pumps have resulted in a significant five foot drop in the water level at Steep Bank Creek (see pics below).

Over the next few days, the district will receive a large amount of rain with the forecasts varying widely. In addition, the Brazos River is now forecasted to crest at 49.9 feet early Sunday morning, essentially reaching the major flood stage. Please know that the levees in our district were constructed to handle this projected river level.

As conditions change we will be updating the website and sending out emails / texts. Please make sure you have signed up for alerts and be mindful of street ponding during strong downpours.

Thursday Morning Update

As new storms are approaching the area, we wanted to provide an update on the current state of water in our district.

Fort Bend County LID #15 – The Alcorn Bayou watershed has been pumped down, and there is ample detention capacity available. Based on the current rain projections and pumping power the district will be able to move the expected water out of the area.

The Steep Bank Creek watershed has the four main pumps that are operating as designed. 5 of the 12 trailer mounted pumps are moving water to aid in the speed of water removal. We expect the remaining seven will be deployed throughout the day. We are currently pumping approximately 120,000 gallons per minute (GPM) out of the watershed. The nine pumps currently active have dropped the water level down 2.5 feet from a high on Wednesday morning. Without rain, it will continue to drop about an inch per hour.

If any of the projections get increased, we will notify you on the website, facebook page and through emails and texts.