LID 15 Lowers Tax Rate for District Residents

At the September 16th board meeting, LID 15 directors voted on a significantly reduced tax rate for residents. Beginning in the 2019 tax year, the tax rate will be 53 cents per $100 of assessed value, reduced from the previous year’s rate by 9 cents. The previous rate was 62 cents per $100 of assessed value.

As stewards of taxpayer funds, LID 15 directors are primarily responsible for overseeing storm drainage and flood protection for properties in the district. This includes operating and maintaining the levees, detention ponds, and pump stations, managing the wetlands, and maintaining regional parks.

District residents are encouraged to stay tuned to for news in the District and follow the ‘Levee Improvement District 15’ Facebook page for updates.

Severe Weather Update & Flooded Roads

As of 2:00 pm today, portions of the intersection of University Boulevard and LJ Parkway are temporarily impassable due to street flooding. The road conditions will change frequently, as the intensity of rainfall changes over time.

Fort Bend County LID No. 19 emergency response team is monitoring the Brazos River and local rainfall predictions of this event.  As of 2:00 p.m. today, the accumulated rainfall in the LID area is approximately 2.8 inches in the past 24 hours with 2.5 inches falling in the past hour. NOAA predictions are for 2 to 3 more inches over the next 6 hours.

With Brazos River at approximately 12 feet, the District will remain in full gravity flow conditions. Gravity flow means that free drainage outfall to the Brazos River is available, and the LID’s drainage is not dependent on pumping.

Should intense cells fall over the area, isolated street ponding may occur, but should clear quickly after the rains ends. All usual precautions for heavy rainfall should be taken by residents, including avoiding travel by car if possible.  Further postings will be made should the NOAA predictions change significantly.

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