Stormwater Protection

Stormwater runoff can impact the water quality of local streams, creeks, and bayous. As rainwater flows over residential and commercial rooftops, lawns and landscaping, construction sites, and roadways, the water can carry sediment and other pollutants into the streets and gutters. The storm sewer system collects rainwater and conveys it directly into local flood control ditches and waterways without filtering or cleaning any of the runoff water. Sediment, litter, pesticides, animal wastes, fertilizers, and other harmful pollutants from suburban and business areas, facilities, construction sites, or District operations can have major downstream impacts on local waterways and beaches. Rainwater runoff moves most of these pollutants from a residence, facility, construction site, or place of business through the storm sewer system, and into the receiving water. However, lawn watering can also transport these pollutants.

Runoff from over watering a lawn laden with fertilizer and insecticide, household chemical waste improperly disposed in drains, and animal waste buildup all contribute to toxins that can end up in drains and eventually to watersheds intended to protect against rising watersheds.

It takes minimal effort to keep our stormwater clean. For more information on simple things you can do to protect our waterways, please visit

Hagerson Road Pump Station

Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 15 (LID 15) recently completed construction on the new Hagerson Road Pump Station to facilitate drainage in the Snake Slough watershed.  The new pump station is located on Hagerson Road, about a half mile west of LJ Parkway.  This $4.6 million flood control facility includes four pumps that can remove up to 50,000 gallon of water per minute (GPM).  The pump station is equipped with a natural gas-powered generator if the pumps need to operate during a power outage.

With the completion of the Hagerson Road Pump Station, LID 15 now operates three pump stations.  The Alcorn Bayou Pump Station is located in the western portion of the District and has a total pump capacity of 150,000 GPM.  In partnership with Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 19 (LID 19), the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station serves the eastern portion of LID 15.  The current pump capacity of the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station is 80,000 GPM, and 12 mobile pumps produce an additional 80,000 GPM.  In early 2021, LID 15 and LID 19 will start the Steep Bank Creek Pump Station Expansion Project to increase the pump capacity from 80,000 GPM to 230,000 GPM.  Look for future updates about Steep Bank Creek Pump Station Expansion on the LID 15 website and Facebook.

The pump stations in LID 15 are exercised monthly and are operated when the Brazos River reaches flood stages that automatically close the flood gates in the levee.  If it rains in LID 15 while the flood gates are closed, the pump stations are activated to remove runoff from inside the levee.

Hagerson Road Pump Station

Four New Pumps (12,500 GPM Each)


Reminder: New Board Member Needed

In 2018, the residents of LID 15 voted to expand the Board of Directors from a three-person board to a five-person board. One position on the five-member board was recently vacated. The District is represented evenly, so we are looking for someone that lives in Precinct 1 to serve out a four-year term ending in May 2022.

Interested applicants must own property and be registered to vote in LID 15 – Precinct 1. Precinct 1 is shown on the map below and includes: Riverstone North (Section 1 and 6), Ivory Ridge, and Avalon (Sections 1 – 5). To apply, provide a full name with address, and a declaration of interest on why you wish to be considered for a board position. In place of, or in addition to, the statement, you can also provide a resume. Applications will be due on Monday, March 8 and can be delivered in-person or electronically to the LID 15 General Manager:

Attn: Phil Martin
Mike Stone Associates
1950 Lockwood Bypass
Richmond, TX 77469

We are asking our community to share this message and assist our efforts in finding qualified candidates that are willing to serve their community as board members.